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Pet Preforms Are Widely Used

  • June 3, 2019
    We know that [u]Pet Preforms[/u] produced by Pet bottle manufacturers are widely used, but there are still some areas that do not involve the use of PET bottle packaging. These areas have either been using Pet bags, paper and other packaging forms, or some emerging product types. These products have gradually started to use Pet bottle packaging in recent years, which has become a new field that Pet bottle packaging can expand.
    For example, Pet bottles for holding fish and Pet bottles for holding big fish may be used in other forms such as Pet barrels in the past. Now, Pet bottles are being used for packaging to highlight the grade of products. Another example is some hardware products such as screws and threads, which used to be packed in cartons and other packaging forms. Now, Pet bottles and cans are also being used for packaging.
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