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We last checked in on this solo-developed

  • doris doris
    November 27, 2023
    The world design also intrigues me, even if it definitely makes me laugh because of how hard it leans into the cat tropes. Astral Clocktower Studios has been working on Dark And Darker Gold Kristala for a few years now, and it'll be their first published title. They're currently funding development via Patreon.

    The main enemy is, of course, an army of scary humanoid rats, and the most recent trailer shows a scary fish to fight as well. But the design is inventive! Some mousey-looking helmets have designs reminiscent of ears on them, for example—just brilliant stuff.

    You can find out more about Kristala on the Astral Clocktower Studios website, on its Twitter, and see Kristala on the Steam Store. Its release date has yet to be announced. This solo-developed 'cross between Dark Alliance and Dark Souls' is shaping up to be my next RPG obsession

    Mortal Crux is one of those independent projects that's slowly assembling itself in front of our very eyes on Twitter and TikTok.

    We last checked in on this solo-developed action RPG last February when it was only a few months into development, but since that time it's been accumulating a laundry list of interesting features for its frigid fantasy, all demoed for an eager audience on social media.

    At a glance, Mortal Crux is an isometric, one to four player action-RPG that looks to combine a Soulsy positioning and timing-based combat system with the fantasy vibe of classic CRPGs or their console cousins like Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance. Solo developer Jesse Walker has been drip feeding short video updates of new features and areas as he creates them, and I keep getting blown away by cheap Dark And Darker Gold Mortal Crux's intricate, fixed-camera interiors and playful approach to RPG design.