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The Hardest Turn-Based RPGs Ever Made, Ranked

  • doris doris
    December 8, 2023
    The Rogue class in Dark and Darker is Dark And Darker Gold deceptively difficult to use, especially for solo players. So, let's look at some of the best builds for it. Rogue Build Guide Header Image For Dark And Darker. Where Is The Rogue Best Used? Where It Is At Its Worst?

    Dark and Darker's Rogue is one of the more 'high risk, high reward' class choices in this dungeon-crawling battle royale-esque game. In the right hands, a Rogue is absolutely terrifying to be surprised by or can loot and escape the dungeon in record time.

    But, if played incorrectly or in the hands of a beginner, Dark and Darker's Rogue can be killed in a single hit (in some circumstances). So, let's go over the class as a whole, how people tend to build it, and what Skill, Perk, and Equipment loadouts seem to work best overall.

    The Rogue is essentially the scout-type character that many other games tend to have. They're fast, have some ability to see enemies coming (at least more than other classes), and have high damage output overall in exchange for extremely low health. Dark and Darker - Rogue In Character Creation Screen

    In Dark and Darker's case, the Rogue is cheap Dark And Darker Gold also the class with the fastest interaction speed, meaning it can open door, loot chests, or place campfires faster than anyone else. In general, let's look at some pros and cons of the Rogue in comparison to the other classes: