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RuneSword II is appointed to abode on October 2

  • doris doris
    June 20, 2023
    Shrapnel Amateur has arise cheap OSRS gold the absolution of a playable admirers for its attainable role-playing game, RuneSword II. The admirers is attainable for download from the official Shrapnel Amateur Web site, and it lets players comedy through 500 turns in the game.

    The abounding bold includes two amore adventures, forth with four mini-adventures. It actualization turn-based combat, 13 playable races, and added than 35 skills. The bold additionally includes a abounding architecture set that lets players anatomy custom adventures, as able-bodied as an automated accidental adventitious generator.

    RuneSword II is appointed to abode on October 2, and it is attainable for preorder through the Shrapnel Amateur Web armpit for a retail bulk of $39.95.

    Human Arch Studios arise today that two new maps for Rune are now attainable for download. The aboriginal map, alleged DM-Sanctum, is a about-face of the aloft map that can be actuate in both Unreal and Quake III.

    The added map, DM-Rotarena, is RS gold a baby one-on-one annual bout map breadth players activity in a alternating arena. Both maps can be downloaded from the articulation below. For added advice about Rune, anatomy a accessory at our all-embracing analysis of the game.