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Changes In Modern Juice Production Line

  • chirty jimei
    February 12, 2019
    Juice drinks have become one of the most popular beverages in the beverage market due to their green health and pollution-free characteristics. With the continuous development of juice drinks, people have more and more choices about the taste and type of juice. Juice drinks are no longer limited to apple juice, orange juice, and other small varieties of juice, jujube juice and other wild fruit juices and rare fruits and juices. More popular with consumers.

    The [u]Juice Production Line[/u] is composed of extraction tanks, storage tanks, blending tanks, colloid mills, filling systems, etc., which can realize the processes of extraction, concentration and filling of the juice beverage production process.

    Fruit and vegetable juice can be divided into clarified juice, turbid juice, concentrated juice, pulp drink and juice powder in the beverage production process.

    The clarified fruit and vegetable juices include apple juice, grape juice and peach juice, and the turbid fruit and vegetable juices include sugar cane juice and orange juice. For the raw materials of fruits and vegetables that need to be made into clarified juice, it is necessary to carry out clarification filtration to remove all suspended matter in freshly squeezed juice and colloidal particles which are easy to cause precipitation, such as cellulose, hemicellulose, polysaccharide, bitter substance, enzyme, pigment molecule, fruit Glue, etc. It is clarified and filtered by enzymatic hydrolysis, gelatin-tannin and other clarification methods. The turbid fruit and vegetable juice needs colloidal grinding and homogenization treatment of the fruit and vegetable juice to prevent the separation of the pulp particles and the juice to affect the appearance, and to improve the uniformity, fineness and mouthfeel of the pulp particles.

    Whether it is clarified fruit juice or turbid fruit juice, it is processed according to the characteristics of raw materials of apple and vegetable. Apple juice is easy to precipitate due to apple turbid juice, which has an effect on the appearance of the product. After clarification, it will not affect apple juice. Flavor has an effect. The turbid suspended in orange juice provides aroma, color, flavor, nutrition and turbidity for the juice. If the orange juice is clarified to remove the turbidity, the resulting clear juice has almost no typical flavor of the orange fruit, so the orange juice will maintain a certain degree of turbidity.

    The type of finished fruit juice beverage is not only affected by the type of fruit, but different production processes in the production process also have an important impact on the type of juice.

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