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Mini Dairy Plant High Temperature Disinfection

  • chirty jimei
    February 22, 2019
    Dairy products are rich in nutrients, especially vitamins and minerals. After eating in moderation, they can supplement the body's absorption and utilization of nutrients and meet the body's metabolism.

    Fresh milk is the most popular dairy product, especially before going to bed, the right amount of warm milk can promote sleep. So what are the precautions for the choice of milk type when buying milk?

    What is high temperature sterilization milk?

    High-temperature sterilized milk is a method of sterilizing fresh milk through a [u]UHT Milk Machine[/u] to destroy bacteria and microorganisms contained in fresh milk, thereby achieving disinfection and sterilization.
    This kind of milk will undergo 135-150 degrees, and it can instantly destroy the bacterial components contained in it and complete the sterilization.

    High-temperature milk and vitamin loss are not much

    The high-temperature treated milk can also preserve the nutrients contained in the milk while disinfecting, and will not change greatly, especially the fat, minerals and protein contained in the milk will not cause damage. .
    However, in the milk after high temperature treatment, the nutrients such as amino nitrogen and vitamins will change to varying degrees, but it will not affect the consumption.

    Precautions for eating high temperature sterilized milk

    In order to ensure the safety of high-temperature sterilized milk, it is generally stored in aseptic packaging. Therefore, when eating high-temperature sterilized milk, if there is a phenomenon of rising bags, try not to eat it, so as to prevent the milk from deteriorating. Harm the health of the body.

    High-temperature sterilized milk has been sterilized at a high temperature in a [u]Mini Dairy Plant[/u] and vacuum-packed, so it is not stored in a refrigerator. It can be stored in a cool place at room temperature. Try to buy fresh-temperature sterilized milk on a fresh date.