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Mattresses on the market have many kinds of fabrics, and each fabric has different skin affinity and air permeability. Good fabrics can give you a silky touch and a dry sleep environment. Bad fabrics make you unable to sleep well. Therefore, when selecting mattresses, mattress fabric is the key.

Antimicrobial fabrics create an international luxurious touch.

Silver ion antibacterial fabric not only has the comfort of cotton but also has the softness of silk, which can give you skin-friendly touch. At the same time, this kind of antibacterial fabric can give people a luxurious aesthetic feeling in vision and make the whole environment have a luxurious and low-key high-grade feeling.

Silver ion antibacterial fabrics are extremely tough whether dry or wet. Durable and wear-resistant, can guarantee the service life. And the whole touch is very skin-friendly, even children can feel free to contact, creating a safe home life for you. This mattress is equipped with wine barrel type independent springs. Each spring is self-contained and does not interfere with each other. There is no need to worry about the noise of turning over at night.

This mattress has four-leaf grass pattern matching with professional sewing machine sewing technology, which makes the four-leaf grass pattern full and three-dimensional and gives people a delicate and magnificent feeling. The "vent skylight design" on both sides allows the mattress to take deep breaths. Natural ventilation can quickly release moisture and give you a quiet and comfortable sleep space.

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