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What is knitted fabric? What are the characteristics of knitted fabric mattresses? It is formed by the countless loops of longitudinal or transverse loops. Each loop can be completed through the loop-forming loop process of knitting needles. The fabric weaved in this way is called knitted fabrics, which are used to make clothing or For the production of other home textiles and other products, the fabric used is knitted fabric.

Knitted fabrics are divided into two categories: weft knitted fabrics and warp knitted fabrics. The mattress of knitted fabric is smooth, moisture-absorbing, breathable, easy to pilling, and antistatic.

Knitted fabric mattress features:

Knitted fabric has soft texture, moisture absorption and breathability, excellent elasticity and extensibility, and its manufacturability. Knitwear is comfortable to wear, fits snugly and fits body, has no sense of tightness, and can fully reflect the human body curve.

Modern knitted fabrics are more colorful and have entered the development stage of multifunctionalization and upscale. New knitted fabrics with various texture effects and different functions have been developed, bringing unprecedented sensory and visual effects to knitted products.

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