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Hangzhou Xiaoshan RongLi Clothing Co., Ltd., founded in 1989, is a professional company dedicated to modern mattress fabrics.

Teflon is one of the most effective repellents applied to fabrics. It differs from similar treatment methods in that it forms a molecular barrier around individual fibers.

Teflon can effectively prevent water and oil-based stains and is easy to clean. Teflon treatment can eliminate many water and oil-based stains and keep the fabric clean longer.

Why Teflon?

1. Keep water and oil not easily absorbed by fabric.

2. Effectively remove stains and dirt on the fabric.

3. Water-based and oil-based stains will form beads on the treated fabric surface.

4. The liquid remains on the surface and can be easily wiped off the cloth.

5. Easy machine washing.

6.Keeps is effective for up to 30 washes.

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