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Recently, the results of the "mattress product comparison test" organized by the Beijing Consumer Association showed that 25 of the 50 mattress fabric had quality problems, with a failure rate as high as 50%, and even formaldehyde emission from many samples seriously exceeded the standard.

Bed is our "close lover". Facing the various mattress products in the market, how can we find your perfect match?

Mattresses on the market can be divided into spring mattresses, latex mattresses, sponge mattresses, palm fiber mattresses, air mattress, water mattresses and so on according to different types of fillers.

According to the different functions of the mattress, it can be divided into comfort mattress and health mattress. Some products are often introduced by mixing several categories together during publicity, which is very easy to lead to confusion in consumers' understanding.

In fact, everyone's height, weight and sleep habits are different. Different age groups have different demands for mattresses. What kind of mattress is suitable for them?

Hangzhou Xiaoshan RongLi Clothing Co.,Ltd. was established in 1989, And hasbeen a professional company dedicating to modern mattersfabric. all fabrics of the company have passed the european union REACH inspection and german heinstenko-texstand 100.xstand100 certification.

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