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When it comes to functional mattress fabric, people may say a lot about Bekaert, instant control, silk, anti-mite, anti-allergy, nano-antifouling, silver ions, probiotics, tea aroma and so on. They look very high-end, in fact, many consumers basically do not understand.

I don't know whether the public knows it personally. When you go to the physical store to see the mattress, the guide will introduce you a lot and will mention the above-mentioned incomprehensible nouns. As for the efficacy of the mattress, it is said that heaven is above. Is it really as good as legend to practice these functional fabrics?

Probiotic fabric is a new mattress fabric technique created by Belgian Bekaert.

This technique is to seal the natural probiotics in microcapsules and attach them to the fibers of the fabric. The friction between the human body and the mattress causes one side of the microcapsule to be uncovered, and the probiotics have an earlier function, which will cause the loss of allergic mite excreta, thus eliminating the allergic scenery of the human body. Footnotes and mattresses or pillows that increase probiotic efficacy can effectively eliminate 89.3% of house dust mite allergies.

The public should have a preliminary understanding of some similar functional fabrics. The gimmicks of such fabrics are more than suitable. They should do their homework well and purchase rationally.

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