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Modular housing is becoming more and more popular because of its diversity of schemes, economy and practicality, and short construction period. Modular housing not only has a large demand in many industrial fields such as mines and oil fields, but also is being widely welcomed as residential housing. It integrates architectural style, purchasing power and sustainable development through design and construction.

For PTH customers, this means that we can do everything and continuously strive to provide reliable quality. Our core idea is to share our experiences and innovations in a large number of construction products to add value to our customers. For modular houses, a series of products have been introduced, so that the external wall system, internal wall system and indoor floor system can meet the growing demand for energy saving, high efficiency, sustainable development, fire prevention, earthquake resistance, comfortable living, modular assembly and mobility of houses.

Modular housing aims to add value in four core areas: reducing building weight-replacing heavy masonry and light systems, 100% compliance, and meeting a wide range of needs through development of testing and integration systems, including thermal insulation, fire prevention, acoustics, environmental protection and green star rating; Meet all wall and floor connection points; Reduce project risks through product assurance certification and support systems.

Modular housing is committed to sustainable development. From energy-saving products and systems to the passion of reducing energy and waste for the manufacturing industry, the commitment to sustainable development, everything done in the building environment is inherently done, and everything includes the commitment to sustainable development of the building environment. It provides a wide range of masonry and lightweight systems to meet the challenges of various portable and modular architectural designs. The combination of these systems has been well proved by the technical system.

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