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How to choose a mattress with moderate hardness?

1. Remember the hardness of 3: 1

The mattress should not be hard, not deformable, nor soft enough to deform too much. When choosing mattess, you may wish to follow the principle of 3:1. For a 3 cm thick cushion, it is better to sink 1 cm under hand pressure; the same is true for a 10 cm thick cushion. The softness and hardness that sink 3 cm is relatively moderate, analogy.

2. Adhesion and degree: measure on the back by hand

Appropriate matte can keep the vertebrae naturally stretched and fully glued to the shoulders, waist and buttocks, leaving no space. Lie flat on the mattress, stretch your hands, reach into the three obvious curves between your neck, waist, hips and thighs to see if there is any space. Turn to the side again and try the same method to leave a gap between the hollow part of the body curve and the cushion.

3. Thickness: spring mattress 12~18 cm

Mattess is not thicker and better, but supports its carrying capacity. The ideal thickness of a spring mattress is 12-18 cm. When the spring is deformed due to quality problems, it will affect the bearing force and need to be replaced in time.

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