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Add natural probiotics to the mattress
The baby spends nearly half of the time in bed every day, so the baby mattress fabric’s safety is the most worrying parents. The baby has poor resistance and is extremely susceptible to infection by bacteria. Then, Rongli's baby mattress fabric will add probiotics to it, making it safer and more secure.
As mattresses take longer and longer, the mattresses must be filled with dust and dust mites t hat can endanger your health at all times. Many children have skin allergies due to dust and dust mites, and they are the root cause of diseases such as asthma.

Don't be afraid,Rongli there is a newly developed fabric that adds natural probiotics to the mattress. There are millions of tiny sacs on the fabric. When the child is lying on it, the friction between the body and the fabric will open the sac. The probiotics in these sachets will run out to clean up the mites and bacteria.
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