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Quality mattresses and pillows improve sleep

College students are a quintessentially sleep deprived bunch due to an excess of activities and studying. The average college student gets about 6-6.9 hours of sleep per night. Though that may not sound too far off from the recommended 8 hours per night. College students who do not get enough sleep are more likely to catch an illness like the flu or a cold due to a lowered immune system.

Adequate sleep is crucial for high success in college, but many college dorm beds are simple, very hard, and uncomfortable to sleep. Luckily, there are simple upgrades that one can make to college bedding to increase the quality of sleep, leading to a student feeling better and achieving more success in the college world.

A mattress topper and a high quality pillow can help students fall and stay asleep. Toppers are an easy way to enhance the feel of a mattress. The topper is comprised of memory foam gel support beads and SoftLOFT fiber fill, making this topper pressure-relieving, supportive, and luxuriously comfortable. The pillow helps the sleeper stay cool through the night due to its iCOOL technology system feature and 220-thread count soft Nanotex cover, which offers moisture wicking and enhanced breathability.

Whether you are a college student or have a loved one away at school, a high quality mattress topper and pillow is the ideal way to add comfort and support to a dorm bed. Though college may not be the easiest environment in which to get adequate sleep, falling and staying asleep doesn't have to be as difficult with an easy upgrade to your bedding.

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