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Good mattress, good sleep, good life

Most of the mattress fabrics currently on the market are knitted mattress fabrics. In addition to being more robust and hygienic, some imported knitted mattress fabrics are also treated with antibacterial treatment, which is more in line with the requirements of healthy sleep.

There are three basic types of mattresses - foam, filled and spring. High quality foam mattresses should be at least 11 cm thick and should not be purchased if the thickness is not sufficient. The ability of a filled mattress to withstand depends on its elasticity and the quality of the filler, plus whether it has a resilient base support. The quality of a spring mattress depends on the number of springs, the more the better. The number of springs of spring mattresses is generally about 500, not less than 288. Some mattresses can have up to 1000 springs, the more the better.

A mattress that is too soft, although comfortable to sleep, is prone to fall, which makes it difficult to turn over; and a mattress that is too hard can not properly support various parts of the body, causing more serious chronic damage to the spine. To choose this way:

1. Lie down, put your hands in the three obvious bends between the neck, waist and hips to the thighs to see if there are any gaps; then turn to one side and try the body in the same way. There is no gap between the protruding part of the curve and the mattress; if not, it proves that the mattress and the natural curve of the neck, back, waist, hip and leg during sleep are in close contact with each other. Such a mattress can be said to be soft. Hard moderate.

2. Press firmly on the upper part of the mattress, the internal spring must not have frictional sound, the spring wire should not puncture the mat surface, the mat surface should be even and even, listen to the sound inside the spring, see if the mattress collapses a lot, there are more than The phenomenon indicates that the quality of the spring is poor, which also affects the service life of the mattress.

3. Erect the mattress of the selected color style to see if it can stand firm, and the frame of the mattress is relatively hard.

Consider the size of the mattress. When purchasing a mattress, add 20 cm to the size of the mattress to make the head and hands and feet stretch.

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