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How to test the performance of steel structure warehouse?

The intercalation or interlayer in steel structure warehouse is usually steel structure, which is used to increase the usage area. It is necessary to carry out plant intercalation testing to ensure the safety of intercalation. How to test the performance of steel structure warehouses?

1. The basic situation of the main structure and the basic situation of the intercalation. The main structure is the stress point of the load-bearing member of the intercalation. A main structure with high degree of safety redundancy can well ensure the safety of the intercalation structure. The main conditions of the intercalation, including the later usage, load, connection with the main structure, main column spacing and span, etc., have great influence on the hands of the intercalation structure.

2. Materials and structural forms used for inserting layers in steel structure warehouses. Generally speaking, the materials are the combination of steel structure and profiled steel sheet, but due to the complexity of the actual situation, the materials may be different. The structural form is generally a frame structure, and it is also possible to adopt the form of hanging columns, or there are old intercalations in the site and new intercalations are built beside it, which leads to the uncertainty caused by the connection of new and old intercalations, etc.

3. The main method of intercalation and the inspection of various nodes. The connection node between the interposer and the main structure is very important, which is one of the core points of the interposer. Whether it is firmly connected with the main structure and whether the main structure has enough rigidity to provide a strong enough bearing system for the intercalation. The column foot joint of the inserted steel column is also very important. Secondly, check the internal structure of the insert layer. Generally speaking, check the welding condition of the welding seam or the connection condition of bolts.

4. Carry out qualitative analysis on the intercalation according to the structure of intercalation and the detection results of relevant nodes, and carry out calculation analysis when necessary, and give a conclusion on the normal use of intercalation, and also give analysis on the points where intercalation has relevant irregularities or potential safety hazards.

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