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Prefabricated steel structures are favored by the public

This multi-benefit industry may become a new industry to subvert the traditional architectural changes and lead the building materials industry to realize green changes.

At present, steel structures and fabricated buildings have once again become topics of concern to experts and representatives of the NPC and CPPCC.

People's Congress representatives said: Among the fabricated buildings, steel structure prefab buildings have the advantages of high seismic performance, high degree of industrial production, short construction period, energy conservation and environmental protection, convenient transportation, and fast construction speed. In particular, the ductility of steel structure buildings can attenuate seismic waves, materials can be 100% recycled, and it can truly be green and pollution-free.

Steel structures will be implemented in public buildings invested by the government, such as hospitals, schools and shantytowns.

In recent years, a series of policies to promote green energy conservation and fabricated steel structure buildings have been issued intensively by the state, which ushered in a spring of great development for fabricated steel structure buildings.

The reason why the development prospect of fabricated steel structure buildings is so promising is that steel structures can be built in factories and assembled on construction sites to realize "assembly" of buildings and avoid noise, dust and other pollution on construction sites. The use of qualified doors and windows with good water tightness, air tightness and thermal insulation can also reduce energy consumption from the source.

Choosing prefabricated steel structure housing is a very good choice. Environmental protection can save costs and safety knowledge can be assured. If you are interested in prefabricated steel buildings or want to see more examples of prefabricated buildings, you can click here:

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