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Simple prefabricated houses are easy to install and affordable

This low cost prefab house is made of light steel structure and sandwich panels. The thermal insulation material of the sandwich plate can be polystyrene, polyurethane, rock wool and glass fiber. As a standardized building product. The following are some of the main functions:

Dry installation-this means that cement and other liquid components are not used during construction and installation, thus allowing cleaner buildings and fewer process requirements.

There is no construction waste-this is mainly because most installations and buildings are completed by assembling components in a coordinated manner.

Use environmentally friendly materials. Materials suitable for low-cost prefabricated houses are usually environmentally friendly, so these houses are lighthouses of green technology and the future of houses.

Low cost recyclable materials. Rock wool board and sandwich board are completely recyclable, so they are the green parts of prefabricated components.

Flexible size, easy assembly and disassembly, elegant appearance, therefore, the work requires very little skilled labor or professional knowledge, making the house easy to install, low cost, safe and durable.

Suitable for temporary buildings such as dormitories, canteens, recreation rooms, laundry rooms, etc.

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