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Prefabricated houses are developing significantly all over the world

Modular or prefab houses are currently the leading research topics in various architectural colleges. It is expected that they will greatly reduce the cost, and the residents will have their own houses, which will greatly benefit the poor all over the world. Development is also taking place significantly around the world.

Prefabricated houses used to be associated with ugly, stereotyped models that sacrificed style and individuality. Times are changing. Nowadays, prefabricated houses have a series of amazing customized choices, which are more likely to be associated with world-class modern design than mediocre big boxes.

But what is the approximate price of prefab housing prices?

As expected, the price depends on the type of design and the range of features installed. The cost of cutting-edge design far exceeds that of ordinary design, while high-end professional design is more expensive than standard design. Prefabricated house manufacturers have obviously created a high-end niche market for themselves and may be only a little cheaper than houses built directly on the basis of houses, rather than as much as imagined. Others try to limit the choice and design of luxury goods to increase their profits, while buyers' financial support decreases.

This single-storey 2-bedroom 2-bath prefabricated house starts at US$ 330,000. Its basic price is about 330 US dollars per square foot, close to the average range of contemporary prefabricated houses. The price drop depends on whether the company is only involved in the manufacturing phase or whether it also involves the delivery and/or construction phase.

It is difficult to really understand its cost because there are many additional costs, some of which are covered in the estimates of some companies and not indicated in the estimates of other companies. Including the cost of design, engineering, architecture and practical construction. None of these companies bear the cost of licensing, inspection or foundation.

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