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Why is the light steel villa called a new green building?

Why is light steel villa house called a new green building? There are mainly the following aspects.

Low carbon indicator:

The carbon dioxide emissions of light steel buildings are about 480 kg / m2, which is more than 35% lower than the traditional concrete carbon emissions of 740.6 kg / m2.

Material indicators:

The light steel structure residential high-rise building weighs about 900-1000kg/m2, the traditional concrete is about 1500-1800kg/m2, and the weight is reduced by about 40%. It can greatly reduce the consumption of resources such as cement and sandstone, thereby greatly reducing carbon emissions during mining, smelting and transportation. Wood formwork and scaffolding are not used in the construction of light steel structure houses, if its market share increases by 5 percentage points. It can reduce the deforestation of the equivalent of 9,000 hectares of forest; the weight of the building itself is reduced, and about 30% of the underground pile foundation is saved.

Water saving indicator (reducing sewage discharge):

The light steel structure residential building is mainly on-site assembly construction, which can greatly reduce water and sewage discharge during construction. If its market share increases by 5 percentage points, it will reduce the amount of sewage discharged equivalent to the total amount of 10 West Lakes.

Energy saving indicators (saving energy consumption):

The self-developed grout wall has a good self-insulation function, which is three times the thermal insulation performance of the traditional brick wall, which greatly reduces the running energy consumption.

Provincial indicators (improving land use efficiency):

The steel structure is “high and light”, and it is easy to realize high-rise buildings, which can improve the efficiency of land per unit area; indoor house prices will increase by 5%-8%, and underground garage parking spaces can increase by 10%-20%. Today, the social and economic value of the problem is particularly prominent.

Environmental indicators:

Assembly on the construction site to reduce noise, sewage and dust pollution; reduce sandstone mining and construction waste discharge, protect the environment, and build a new era of building civilization.

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