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What are the types of container mobile houses we often use?

1. Container type

The main feature of this professional container house is the use of traditional container boxes. The advantage is the reuse of abandoned containers. This kind of planning makes the container house very strong and able to withstand greater pressure. It can meet the collective housing request and save the detailed cost required in the manufacturing process.

2. Welding box type

Because the technical specifications of this container house are lower than the previous one, but it is very convenient and convenient in the process of transportation and installation. It is precisely because of this feature that the same service life can be extended, making the rate of return on investment particularly high. The scope has also been greatly expanded, so the detailed application function will not be inferior to the container-type container mobile house.

3. Unpacking box type

This type of container house adopts the internationally advanced modular production skills. The operation method is to manufacture standardized parts and components in advance, and then realize rapid on-site assembly and reduce The overall cost of transportation is more in line with environmental requirements.

The standard size of PTH flat pack container house is 6058mm * 2438mm * 2591mm, and the height options are 2791mm / 2991mm / 3191mm. Frame color options: dark gray, white gray, red, blue. It uses a welded integrated frame with polyurethane foam insulation roof and a fully welded integrated chassis.

PTH adopts a fully automatic production line, such as robot welding, which can reduce manual errors and improve the uniformity of the weld. This efficient way can greatly speed up the production speed and provide strong technical support for the "seven days delivery" of standard containers.

Our first market is Latin American countries, the Pacific Islands, and the second market is the Middle East. When we launch b2b, resources can be as close as possible to these regions. If you need the wholesale of flat pack container house products, please contact us:

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