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The working principle of the laminating machine: First, the adhesive is coated on the plastic film by a roller coating device, heated by the hot press roller to soften the film, and then the printed matter coated with the primer and the film are pressed and pressed together to form Paper-plastic laminated products. Working Principle of Existing Coating Laminating Machine Instant coating is a process that uses the instant coating machine to paste the film immediately with the glue for paper-plastic composite.

It is mainly composed of a coating film processing plant or a processing workshop. According to the needs, the roll plastic film is coated with an adhesive, dried (lightly) compounded, and pressurized to adhere the paper film together to form a laminated product. That is to say, the coating equipment has two kinds of automatic and semi-automatic, and the basic working principle is the same; the process flow mainly includes unwinding → glue coating → drying → compounding → slitting → finished product accumulation.

Working principle of pre-coated film laminating machine The pre-coated laminating machine is a special equipment that combines printed matter with pre-coated plastic film. The main structure consists of four major types: film unwinding, automatic printing of printed matter, hot pressing compound, and automatic winding Part of the composition, compared with the coating type laminating machine, no adhesive agent coating and drying parts are required, so it has compact structure, small size, low cost, simple operation, ready to use, high production flexibility, and high efficiency .

The composite of the pre-coated film and the paper printed matter only needs to be hot pressed. It is suitable for all kinds of laminating machines, laminating machines and laminating machines with hot pressing function. That is, the bridge-type combined laminating machine of the glue-coating wet laminating process does not need to be modified, and it can be completely laminated with the pre-coated film.

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