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What is the " charm" of container houses?

In everyone's impression, the container house is just used for living casually, and people will only buy it as their residence if they have to. However, the expandable container house of Zhejiang Putian Integrated House can also create a house that allows you to enjoy a vacation. More and more people advocate the life of petty bourgeoisie. It is a fashionable life pursued by young people.

Most container houses are now used in construction sites and disaster-stricken areas. It is used as a temporary product. People don't think about enjoying it. But in fact, container houses can be used for enjoyment and can go to a higher level. I believe in the future, there will be many living containers on the beach, bringing people a pleasant and leisurely holiday!

Housing such as container house, we should not let it be overqualified, container house also needs to meet a bole, to explore the potential advantages found, and to bring its advantages into full play. What kind of " charm" does it have?

The cost of the mobile house is very low, and the installation is fast and the construction period is shortened. If we compare the mobile house with everyone's ordinary house, the time to build a mobile house is much faster than to build a house. Moreover, the materials used in the construction process are also very economical and can be produced in large quantities to meet the demand of the city. For the average person, its price is reasonable and humane.

1. Integration of Design and Function

2. Environmental protection can be recycled again.

3. Mobile housing environmental protection and energy saving

PTH is headquartered in Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, with more than 200 employees and a long history. In 1998, PTH began to produce steel structure parts. In the past 10 years, PTH's production focus has changed from door and window fittings production to housing protection system, then turned to building structure, and finally upgraded to comprehensive housing production. After ten years of efforts, the first container house was completed and exported to New Caledonia in 2008. At the same time, PTH has gradually become a leader in the steel structure industry. At present, its main products can be divided into four categories, namely steel structure buildings, light steel villas, container houses and double C structures. The annual production capacity of different types of buildings can reach 500,000 square meters.

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