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China has put the construction of ecological civilization in a prominent position

With the rapid development of China's economy, the construction of ecological civilization has been placed in a prominent position.

It is in such an environment that prefabricated homes china, with its advantages of portability, easy storage, energy conservation and environmental protection, superior seismic performance, and reusability, has become more and more popular, is a true " green building", and is also an important content in the new materials and construction fields of this century.

Application Fields and Classification of Integrated Houses in China

Integrated house is mostly used for temporary construction with high comfort requirements or to meet permanent use requirements. Its design is more flexible, pays attention to the comfort of use, and is generally tailored to the requirements of customers, so the degree of standardization is low. Because of its personalized appearance, comfort and rapid construction, it has been widely used in the field of tourism and vacation, and has developed rapidly in this field. In recent years, integrated house has begun to be applied in the field of new rural construction and has a promising future.

To sum up, integrated houses have been widely used in the following aspects at home and abroad:

1. Temporary housing for urban construction and real estate projects: mainly including temporary construction for site offices, temporary dormitories for site workers, sales offices, etc.

2. Temporary housing for transportation, water conservancy, oil, natural gas and other projects, mainly including temporary construction facilities for field operations and offices, temporary dormitories for workers, etc.

3. Tourist rooms, including camping rooms in tourist attractions, leisure facilities and rooms with corresponding service functions, are especially suitable for seasonal tourist service facilities.

4. transitional resettlement houses are mainly used to demolish transitional houses and supporting service facilities and temporary resettlement houses and supporting service facilities in disaster areas.

5, temporary commercial facilities, including small shops, kiosks, etc.

6. Temporary medical service rooms and supporting service facilities: including temporary ward, registration, outpatient service, warehouse and other facilities. 7. Municipal public utilities, including public security sentry box, traffic control kiosks, public transportation control kiosks, postal newspaper kiosks, factory district gate kiosks ( guard rooms ) and power distribution rooms, etc.

8. In the military field, it is mainly used for temporary command posts for military exercises, field hospitals, military parade villages, etc.

9. Temporary rooms for exhibitions, on-site meetings and sports are mainly used for meeting facilities and temporary commercial service facilities.

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