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Prefabricated houses are much more sustainable than traditional architectural scenes

The main reason why people choose to build prefab homes is because they come at a much lower cost. Some low cost prefab houses are also very practical and have quality assurance.

Research by Modular Homeowners found that these types of properties tend to bring a 20% savings over conventional homes, which is no small chunk of change when considering that conventional homes cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This savings is mainly due to labor costs. Since prefab houses are made out of prefabricated segments that are manufactured in a warehouse and shipped to the consumer for assembly, fewer workers are needed to do the job.

1.Quicker construction time

Since prefab houses are generally based off of an existing design, the manufacturer is often able to assemble the parts and have them waiting for a buyer.

At that point, construction time becomes much shorter since it is simply a matter of shipping the pieces to the buyer and having them put it together vs. building something from scratch.

Additionally, since the manufacturing happens indoors, the construction time is much less subject to delays due to inclimate weather.

2.Added sustainability

The construction method that’s used with prefab homes has the added bonus of being energy efficient. In this case, the bulk of products used in building the home will be shipped one time: from the manufacturer to the consumer.

This is much more sustainable than in a traditional building scenario where the components are sourced from different manufacturers and then sent to the construction site.

Additionally, these homes often come with options for add-ons like energy-efficient windows and solar panels, which make the home more sustainable overall.

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