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China's container housing industry is also taking root

Over the years, housing prices in cities have become higher and higher, and housing construction costs for rural people have gradually increased. It's hard to build a house after half a lifetime of hard work. However, a new type of house has recently emerged. They don't need cement and red bricks. Also does not need to employ a large number of workers, the house can be completed in a few days! There are also people who are very good at building villas! My friends and I were surprised!

You are not wrong, look at the picture and talk. This is the big building reconstructed by the container. This new type of house is built with containers. It can be modified according to your own design concept. Do you think of Lego bricks, which are popular in the toy industry?

The biggest advantage of expandable container house is saving money! It can be simply calculated that the unit price of containers on the market is about 12,000 each, and the usable area of each container is 13 square meters. As long as you have a piece of land, if you want to build a 200 square house, the total price is (200/13)x1.2, which is about 185,000. You can think about how much money you saved.

In addition, this kind of container room is very convenient to carry. If you want to move, you can use a large truck to transport the container to the target location. You can save a lot of money, time and energy to find a house and buy a house! Besides, if you live in your own house for a long time, you will definitely have feelings. Movable houses also solve your emotional nostalgia problem.

This kind of container house is quite common abroad, but in the past two years, China's container house industry has also taken root, and many people have directly built villas, as follows:

Many rural families own relatively large plots of land, and they can choose to transform containers into large villas. Money spent on brick, tile and cement can be completely converted to fine decoration. Who dares to say that houses in rural areas are rustic? Moreover, the whole construction process only takes a few days, and even if the time limit for renovation is added, it will take much less time to build a traditional house. Complete the whole process not only save a lot of time, the most important thing is to save a lot of money.

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