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How to clean the acrylic fish tank? What should I pay attention to when cleaning the acrylic fish tank?

When cleaning, the cloth should be soaked and dry wipe is strictly prohibited.

When cleaning, wipe the soft cloth in one direction, don't wipe it back and forth, the focus is on light intensity, damp soft cloth, and one direction.

Acrylic material is not heat resistant, hot water cleaning is strictly prohibited, the temperature exceeds 85 degrees, it is easy to cause deformation.

Acrylic material is not cold-resistant, and the brittleness temperature is 9.2 degrees. When the temperature is too low, do not touch it to avoid brittleness.

If the fish tank is very dirty, you can wash it with warm soapy water.

When cleaning the acrylic fish tank, the principle is that you can wash it by hand instead of using cloth.

The skin of human palms is soft and elastic, and will not scratch during washing.

After cleaning, wipe the appearance clean, you can choose toilet paper at this time.

The kind of toilet paper that is fragile when exposed to water can dry the outer cylinder wall without scratching the surface.

It can be dried naturally, which is the safest.

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