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How to make a garden spray gun?

1. Background technology:

The garden spray gun can be used to spray paint, water and other liquids, and the liquid can be shut off at the relatively far end of the garden watering spray gun nozzle. The garden watering spray gun has a proximal end for inputting liquid and a distal end for outputting liquid, and a circulation pipe between the proximal end and the distal end.

The proximal end has a handle for controlling liquid discharge, and the distal end has a rotatable spray head. The nozzle is installed at the end of the circulation pipe, and the rotating nozzle can control the garden watering spray gun to spray liquid along different angles.

Rotate the nozzle to set the far end of the garden watering spray gun. If you want to adjust the direction of the nozzle, you need to hold it not far from the far end of the nozzle. When spraying to a relatively high object, you cannot make the direction of the nozzle in time and quickly. Spin. In addition, the remote operation of the hand-held spray gun is extremely inconvenient, so it is necessary to improve this.

2. Technical realization elements:

A garden watering spray gun, comprising: a circulation pipe with a proximal end and a distal end, a handle installed at the proximal end of the circulation pipe, a connector installed at the distal end of the circulation pipe, a spray head installed at the front end of the connector, the garden The watering spray gun also has a steel wire connecting the control rod and the handle, and the connecting head has a control rod, and the steel wire is pulled by the handle to further trigger the rotation of the control rod to drive the rotation of the spray head.

Because the invention remotely controls the rotation of the spray head at the far end through the handle at the proximal end, the rotation operation of the spray head is flexible and convenient.

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