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Expandable hose brings a lot of convenience to our gardening work, let's talk about its use skills:

1. Drill the prefabricated holes in a vertical and balanced way at one time to avoid repeated drilling of the same hole multiple times.

2. To clean the holes, you can use wind, water, sweeping, etc. to remove the residue left during drilling to reduce the sliding of the expandable hose caused by dust to increase friction.

3. Avoid repeated use of holes and expandable hoses. Holes used multiple times will expand when the expandable hose is expanded. However, if the same hole is used multiple times, it will easily cause sliding. If the same expandable hose is used multiple times, it will Causes the expandable hose to break, deform, easily lead to deviation of screws, and poor tightening force.

4. For novice installations, you can choose expandable hose with a relatively thick wall to avoid damage and insecure installation during installation.

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