Liquidity Locking Made Easy

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Liquidity Locking Made Easy

Posted By ema hossain     October 16, 2021    



'Rugpulling' is a growing scam in which criminally motivated cryptocurrency developers target liquidity pools. These pools, which are offered by DEXs such as Uniswap, generate market liquidity and allow crypto investors to trade tokens without causing significant price fluctuations. Rugpull scammers see them as easy pickings because they contain large sums of money.

The rugpull scam involves the launch and aggressive marketing of brand new tokens. Once they have amassed a significant amount of investment, the unscrupulous developers withdraw the tokens' liquidity pool, leaving investors with worthless tokens.

To protect themselves from such fraudulent practices, investors have demanded liquidity locking, a recently popular defense. Liquidity locking protects investors, gives coins legitimacy and increases developer credibility.

Of course, there are drawbacks to liquidity locking, such as its cost and complexity. To compensate, Unilocker has launched a next-generation liquidity locker platform.

The Unilocker platform is jam-packed with high-quality features and is less expensive than existing liquidity lockers. The time-lock contract allows you to lock your liquidity, protecting it from immediate withdrawals. Previously, token developers had difficulty deciding on a liquidity lock period and amount. That is no longer an issue; thanks to an intuitive user interface with one-click buttons and sliders, selecting the period and the amount is as simple as taking a breath.

When a lock is locked, lock certificates are generated and can be distributed to investors. This system gives investors a high level of confidence in their investments.

Unilocker offers high-quality features and a high level of confidence at an affordable price. Lock management is as simple as locking it in the first place - you can extend, withdraw, increase, and transfer locks in a matter of minutes. To learn more, go to Unilocker today.


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