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set up your Linksys Wi-Fi extender

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    • Just make sure your RE 9000 Linksys Wi-Fi extender it’s plugged into your wall socket and it’s on
    • Now you have to connect your Linksys RE 9000 extender video router using the Ethernet cable and always remember to dot the cable which is connecting your RE 9000 Linksys Wi-Fi extender so your router is not damaged
    • Now the next step will be to log in to your RE 9000 Linksys Wi-Fi extender web page to start the Linksys extender setup as an access point
    • Once you are there make sure you click on manual setup
    • Now please select it as a wired range extender[ access point]
    • No, you have to click on next and then please create an SSID and password for your extended network after this click save

            After doing all these steps that we have explained to you above is the best way to make Linksys extender setup as an access point

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