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Compared with ordinary mattresses, there are four major advantages:

(1) Physically anti-bacterial, anti-mite, anti-static and anti-radiation. The 3D mattress is made of special 3D material, loose and porous, comfortable and breathable, reducing the possibility of bacterial aphids.

(2) 3D mattress support performance. The mattress can provide 40 support points per square centimeter, and the mattress has more than 140 support points. The partition design of the mattress can provide effective support for all parts of the human body and perfectly fit the curve of the human body. Balanced support and excellent flexibility.

(3) Good anti-interference. This 3D mattress is completely made of 3D materials, with low friction between internal materials and low noise. Frequent flipping will not affect your partner's sleep.

(4) Excellent water permeability and air permeability can create a completely washable mattress and provide a better air circulation system during sleep.

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