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What are the characteristics of knitted jacquard fabrics? What is the difference between knitted jacquard fabric and ordinary jacquard fabric?

What is knitted jacquard fabric? People who understand fabrics may understand knitted fabrics, and also understand jacquard fabrics. What about knitted jacquard fabrics? If you don't think that the combination of two kinds of fabrics causes this kind of fabrics, then you are wrong. So what kind of fabric is knitted jacquard fabric? Okay, let’s not say much, let the cloth-lian editor take everyone to get to know the knitted jacquard fabric.

Definition of knitted jacquard fabric:

Knitted jacquard fabric is a woven fabric with floating threads woven by a large jacquard structure. Knitwear is divided into weft knitting and warp knitting. At this stage, knitted fabrics are widely used in textile fabrics and linings, home textiles and other products, and are loved by many customers. Jacquard fabrics can be divided into home textile materials and clothing fabrics. As long as the ancient Silk Road, my country's silks and satin have been used in the world by jacquard weaving.

Characteristics of knitted jacquard fabric:

1. It has soft color, moisture absorption and breathability, high-quality ductility and malleability, and scalability. Knitwear garments are comfortable, form-fitting, free from tightness, and can embody the body curve in a concentrated way.

2. There are many kinds of it, and generally have excellent ductility and ductility. The textile is soft, firm and wrinkle-resistant, has a strong hair style, and is easy to wash and dry. But its water absorption is poor, the textile is not stiff, and it is easy to loosen and curl, and the chemical fiber fabric is easy to pilling, fuzzing, and hooking.

The definition of knitted jacquard fabric and the detailed introduction of the characteristics of knitted jacquard fabric come to an end here. I hope everyone will have a certain degree of cognition of knitted jacquard fabrics after reading it.

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