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Wool weave pattern bed to warm your fun life

In people's lives, the yarn is not strange. People can see clothes made of wool, woolen woven scarves, woolen woven hats, socks, etc. It can be made from wool. But for bedding, I believe that everyone who wears wool is less likely to see it.

It is also very novel compared to the bedding that weaves the pattern with wool. Then go check out the different bedding and bring you a warm and fun life!

There are many types of wool weaving patterns, such as: copper flower, pineapple flower, Albanian needle, fish bone needle, fishnet needle, phoenix flower, popcorn, dog tooth needle, chrysanthemum, four flat needle method, water grass flower, fan flower , wall stitches, new patterns, pansies, roses, etc.

If you don't want to spend flowers, you can buy thick wool with flowers, just use simple flat needles, plus simple and generous styles, it is also very good. All are needles, because they are convex outwards, giving a certain sense of expansion, and if they are all needles, they will give people a proper feeling of inward charging.


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