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The bold and illustrious Jacquard fabric
We are surrounded with millions of fabrics today. From everyday cotton to khadi to silks, Cashmere etc. But jacquard is one magical fabric ever created. It is so versatile that you can use it for anything. Winter wear or summer wear; home décor or clothing need; shoes or hair accessories; Jacquard has it all covered. It is because of the special loom that is used for weaving a jacquard fabric, which is called the jacquard loom.
This loom provides individual control on every thread because of which jacquard is available in so many colors and patterns today. The versatility of this fabric can also be seen with easy blending nature with any fabric- silk, jute, cotton etc. The only trick is to make the jacquard fabric the cynosure of your outfit and build around it. And you will see how even a simple jacquard pattern can make its own style statement.
The interesting fact of this fabric is also found in its intricate woven patterns that are not embroidered but are directly woven into the fabric.
Known for its drape characteristic, knitted jacquard fabric is extremely stretchy and strong compared to other fabrics. You can feel a sense of thickness by just touching it. And this is the reason why jacquard is the new silk. Silk lehengas and gowns have been highly replaced by jacquard fabric. And the best part of jacquard is it is dryer-friendly.
Perfect for any season, jacquard is easy to wash, durable and also is one of the very few reversible fabrics. And this is mainly because of its weaving style. Let’s take a look at how this magical fabric is manufactured.
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