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Understand the production process of pvc hose and use the products better! I believe that everyone will understand the basic knowledge of pvc materials in daily life, and they must have seen such a material product. Of course, its light texture now has been liked by many consumers. But I don’t know how much you know about pvc pipe production technology? What should you pay attention to in the production process?

When it comes to the production technology of pvc pipe fittings, in fact, the first thing we have to control is the temperature. For pvc materials, its basic processing performance is relatively narrow, and its thermal stability is relatively poor, so there are certain requirements for the temperature range during processing. Under normal circumstances, the processing temperature is the best, between one hundred and sixty to two hundred degrees Celsius, and if necessary, it should be determined according to the specifications of different extrusion equipment and molds, so as to meet the basic processing requirements.

When processing pvc pipes, the feedstock and the speed of the host machine must be coordinated. The two are the key indicators that affect the plasticizing effect. We must strictly control the torque and melting pressure range during the processing, and there must be sufficient At the same time, there must be stable shear friction heat, so as to ensure the endurance of the screw and form a good plasticization process, so as to form a complete pipe.

The above are the basic things that need to be paid attention to during the processing. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to the speed of equipment operation during the processing of pvc pipes, which will also affect the molding and quality of the product, so strict checks must be made during the production It is good at all levels, so that we can form a more complete pvc pipe and provide more quality products for our market.

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