Stock Market Analysis: January 2021

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Stock Market Analysis: January 2021

Posted By Amy Warren     March 1, 2021    


The bonds have a par value of $1,000, a current price of $904, and will mature in 14 years. The bonds will have a par value of $1,000, a 10-year maturity, and a coupon interest rate of 9%, paid semiannually. 19) Terminator Bug Company bonds have a 14% coupon rate. Investors require a rate of return on these bonds of 7.75%. The bonds pay interest semiannually. During the latest year, you received $65 in interest on the bonds. It is now five years later, and the current market rate of interest is 7.25%. What is the current market price (intrinsic value) of the bonds? 23) Blue's Chips Inc. has a $1,000 par value bond that is currently selling for $1,300. 46) The current yield of a bond will equal its coupon rate when the bond is selling at par value. The bond is currently selling for $1,508.72. 26) Marshall Manufacturing has a bond outstanding that was issued 20 years ago at a coupon rate of 9%. The $1,000 par value bond pays interest semiannually and was originally issued with a term of 30 years. The coupon rate is 10%, paid semiannually. 5 paid semi-annually. If the market's required rate of return on this bond is also 3%, the bond will sell at par value.

41) A bond's value equals the present value of interest and principal the owner will receive. Investors presently require a rate of return of 8.375%. What is the current market price (intrinsic value) of the bonds? 21) Applebee sold an issue of 30-year, $1,000 par value bonds to the public. If the intrinsic value of a the boutique is above the current market price, the investor would purchase the stock, and if the intrinsic value of a stock was below the market price, the investor would sell the stock. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 29,421 on 11/10/20, as the stock market ended mixed. Optimism swept the broader market in the fourth quarter of 2020 with the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones hitting new highs to close out the year. You could potentially spend many heart-wrenching years waiting out for a potential take-over, while the share price declines (as the management pays themselves a high salary).


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