Reasons to choose a fixed gear bike

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Reasons to choose a fixed gear bike

Posted By hang yi     March 1, 2021    


There are always some people who like retro and simple things. In addition to being probably the most efficient personnel movement equipment available, fixed gear bicycles can also be important fashion accessories.

His maintenance costs are very low. You must keep your tires and chains in good working condition, and you want to use some form of the brake when riding a bicycle on the road.

Compared with single-speed bicycles, fixed-gear bicycles can move the bicycle backward through pedals so that it can maintain balance when stopped. You can also choose to brake, you can apply back pressure to the pedals to gradually reduce the speed of the bike. Or, you can move your body forward to reduce the weight of the rear wheel.

Compared with single-speed bicycles, there are no brakes or only front brakes, further simplifying the bicycle. For people who ride traditional multi-speed bicycles, the contrasting experience of riding a fixture will make things interesting and thus make the bicycle interesting.

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