Understanding Metal Sofa Bed Mechanism Types

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Understanding Metal Sofa Bed Mechanism Types

Posted By Wang Ruier     Mar 2    


  Have you ever spent a night on a budget metal sofa bed? Put off for life?

  Sofabeds when made well should be something you can enjoy for years. A Made to Last sofabed is guaranteed to last you up to 15 years or more.

  With a low quality sofabed, the mattress begins to sag after a few years. The mechanism that opens the sofa bed also weakens and begins to wear out, making it more difficult to open and less supportive. What once seemed like a bargain can end up feeling like a pretty hefty investment for furniture that only lasts a couple of years.

  This post is to explain about the 3 types of sofa bed mechanism that we use and what their characteristics are.

  A sofabed should be a comfortable seat for you or for guests, for sitting, working, or lounging. It’s also a guest bed. If you live in a smaller residence, then it’s even more important. It has to hold up to nightly use. This is why we designed all of our sofabeds to be able to stand up to everyday use.

  In any case, your sofa bed needs to stand the test of time. If you want to find a quality sofa bed, the key considerations are the opening mechanism, the craftsmanship of the mattress, the frame construction, the cushion materials and their construction as well as the fabric used to upholster it and of course the workmanship involved in designing and manufacturing your product.

  All of our sofa beds come with sturdy mechanisms that won’t weaken, sag or break. On top of that, our mattresses are thicker and more carefully constructed than many other brands. which provides you with a comfortable night’s sleep.

  Our factory started life as a mattress maker over 40 years ago and then moved into upholstery about 20 years ago. This is why we are confident that we have a market leading mattress on all of our sofabeds.

  Anyway – I digress, this post is focused on the sofa bed mechanism.

  Three Types of Sofa Bed Opening Mechanisms

  A sofa bed has one of three basic opening mechanisms. Those are the standard pull out mechanism, the easy open, and the click clack. We offer all three styles on our web site. Each has unique benefits, and the Made to Last brand models have the extra benefit of the thickest mattress on the market.

  The Pull Out Sofa Bed

  The pull out sofa bed is the model you have seen for years. It’s the most common model and is considered the industry standard. And it’s the standard for good reason. It’s easy to set up and put away. Aptly named, the pull out sofa bed does just what the name implies. You pull the mattress frame forward to open the bed.

  How Does the Pull Out Mechanism Work?

  Opening the bed is simple. First, remove the top cushions from the sofa. Then, you’ll see the spring-loaded metal frame. The mattress is folded underneath in three parts.

  To open the bed, pull the frame out from the centre. A pair of legs comes down and will fold into place. Unfold the rest of the mattress, the second set of legs folds out, and you’re done.

     We also provide products such as lightweight folding bed, Please don't hesitate to contact us.