All right so I've discovered a way for Jagex to fight the war on macroing.
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    • Last updated March 6, 2021
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All right so I've discovered a way for Jagex to fight the war on macroing.

Posted By Ding best     March 6, 2021    


Give him the suppies he says"OK I've focused on RS gold the area just speak to me when you are ready". At this time head to the bank receive all the armor food and p pots you'll need to kill 2 lvl 300's nearly in a row, also use the 2 objects u got in the areas (the 2 gods u didnt picked ) and use it together with the idol of the god you'd select, it will turn in the weapon mentioned previously. It'll be strong and the only weapon that may impact the god Disciples so dont bother to attract some other weapons.Skeletal Platelegs (30% chance)- The royal platelegs in the netherworld prince's own battle suit. These provide rangers excellent precision (Will explain further on) The"Ghastly Knight" prayer gives you a battle suit for seven minutes which makes you invincible, allowing you to attack and eat unharmed. Additionally, it doesnt work beyond 25 wilderness, just to make it not so overpowered. The seven seconds it protects you, it drains two prayer points each second. It can only be used once every ten minutes, to decrease misuse of it at higher prayer levels.

When battling Jad in the TzHaar minigame, this only reduces his strikes by 75% rather than blocking them during the seven minutes. Ghastly Tunic- These give 13+ into the magical stat. They give 13+ range resistance in the defence stat. Skeletal Platelegs- These give 3+ to slash, stab, and crush stats. They give 13+ magical resistance in the defence stat. Gloves of Fenkenstein- All these give 13+ into the scope attack stat. They provide 13+ attack, slash, and crush resistance from the defence stat.

All right so I've discovered a way for Jagex to fight the war on macroing. The thought dawned upon me since I was going through and reading some suggestions that were talking about stopping the macroers but was falling type of short. This notion here will end up being a little more advanced and really a step a head of the match. This is in brief detail:

An easy upgrade in Woodcutting would enable Jagex to see closely who is performing a macroing endeavor or if they're really there and just simply going about their every-day small business. The idea is straightforward, institute a program that would log every single player who struck an oak tree and up. It would not simply only log you, no it would be a lot more complex than that.

These attributes would help to place a separation between who is macroing and who is a true participant. The computer would start to track you. Then since its tracking you it then logs what type of axe which you are using and how long you have been close to the said tree, if it be oak, willow or yew. (Just F2P) The program may also check to find out if you are a member or non-member and if you go to buy RuneScape gold some other kinds of trees. Pretty much you are being followed by a camera. I understand that this last part probably wont happen, but its there to give you an idea of what could be occurring.