What are the options for treating the vein problem?

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What are the options for treating the vein problem?

Posted By Adrian Willson     March 7, 2021    



The blood vessels are responsible for taking the deoxygenated blood to the heart and circulating the oxygenated one in the entire body. It is when they become thick, full of twists and turns, or get enlarged that they are called varicose or spider veins. Usually, nerves in the lower part of the body such as the legs and ankles are prone to get various vein issues due to getting weary due to daily wear and tear. It requires the vein treatment CA to get corrected.


1) The most common treatment option practiced by the vein doctor CA is sclerotherapy where a salt solution is injected into the vein to make the vein walls swell, stick together and seal shut. This stops blood from running back into the vein so that the vein sets into a scar membrane and dissolves away in the duration of 15 days. 



Sometimes a vein needs to get treated twice or thrice in the vein clinic SD for accurate results, and as the treatment does not require anesthesia, it can be practiced in the daycare and in the doctor's office.


2) Laser surgery is a new method for treating varicose nervures where strong bursts of light are sent to the vein to make it fade and disappear. This type is getting very popular among the patients because this treatment will not only correct the problem but also has the minimum downtime. You can get details at the vein center SD. Nevertheless, laser surgery is not recommended for the nerve issue of more than 3mm.


3) Endovenous vein treatment SJ utilizing radiofrequency and the laser is very efficient at correcting the spider veins. A small catheter is placed into the vein through which laser energy is sent to shrink and seal the vein wall. With the surrounding healthy nervures restoring flow of blood, symptoms of varicose veins start improving.


4) Surgery is resorted to treating very large varicose veins. Through surgical ligation and stripping, varicose veins are tied shut and removed from the leg. The varicose nervures removed this way are usually the surface veins that collect blood only from the skin. As this surgery is carried out under local or general anesthesia, it has to be performed in an operating room as an outpatient.




5) Ambulatory phlebectomy is another surgical procedure where after marking the location of the vein using a special light, tiny cuts are made in the skin after which surgical hooks pull out the vein. The vein doctor SJ is best for eliminating very long varicose nerves, gives very little bruising and scaring, and very little downtime or resting period.


6) In the endoscopic vein problem, a tiny video camera is practiced to check the condition inside the veins after which the diseased nerves are raised through small incisions. This procedure is carried out under some anesthesia like an epidural, spinal, or general anesthesia, and the patient returns to normal activities within a few weeks' time.


Whatever treatment procedure you take for correcting the vein problem, there is a possibility of varicose veins recurring after some time when the strain starts growing up in the leg veins.

Article Source : https://veintreatmentsandiego.wordpress.com/2021/01/30/what-are-the-options-for-treating-the-vein-problem/