Funny Baby Photo Ideas to Turn into Paintings

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Funny Baby Photo Ideas to Turn into Paintings

Posted By Jeson Clarke     March 11, 2021    


A baby portrait painting is an amazing way to remember and cherish the time spent with your little one while he or she was a tot. Kids grow up so fast but a portrait is a precious and timeless item that will bring you joy every time you look at it, even after your child is grown up and has moved out of the house.

If you’re searching for funny baby photo ideas to turn into a custom portrait, here are some of the best ideas that are bound to make amazing portraits.

Crazy hair

Want a photo that will make for an exciting baby portrait painting that’s full of spunk? Intentionally style your child’s hair into a crazy mess—think big spikes, mohawk, etc. Then, once you’re both ready, snap a few photos while it’s still fresh. Not only will the photos be adorable, but the portrait will remind you of the fun times you had with your little one (before he or she had personal preferences about hairstyles). Gets the best baby portrait painting by visiting this website.

All grown up

For some reason, babies dressed up as adults are just the cutest thing. And a photo of your baby dressed head to toe in adult apparel will make an incredible portrait. All you need to pull it off is a cute grown-up outfit and a prop or two, such as a laptop or a mini electric car.


If you have a toddler, she might appreciate the chance to walk around the house in your high heels. Let her have at it and put a big bow or headband in her hair to match. She’ll have a blast, the photos will be adorable, and the baby portrait painting that results will truly be one-of-a-kind that melts your heart every time you look at it.

Naptime with the dog

If your little one tends to cuddle up with your dog for nap time, this occasion is the perfect opportunity for a precious photo! Nothing is cuter than a baby snuggled up with a tired dog and this type of cozy image conveys all kinds of sweet emotions and feelings. That’s how you know it’s an excellent candidate for a baby portrait painting.

Bubble bath

Babies love bubble baths and the smiles and laughs you’ll get while photographing the occasion are perfect for photos. Simply fill up the tub or sink with bubbles and let your little one enjoy the fun while you capture timeless memories.

Capture the best photos for a baby portrait painting

Maybe you’re unsure of your photography skills or you want the photo to look a bit more polished than you can achieve on your own. When in doubt, you can always hire a photographer or a friend to help you capture some funny photos. But any cute baby picture will make a great baby portrait painting!

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