Quail Hunting - Learn All The Secrets Of Quail Hunting

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Quail Hunting - Learn All The Secrets Of Quail Hunting

Posted By Foundry Outdoors     March 11, 2021    


An essential part of the bird hunting genre, quail hunting is increasingly popular in parts of the United States. 
It has the advantage of being a relatively new bird hunting variety and is far from the media attention other hunting branches enjoy today. Generally a chase hunting sport, quail hunting requires much set-up and planning in advance and exceptional strategy and shooting skills. 


Furthermore, if you choose to bring a pack of hounds to aid you, you require coordinative and leading abilities to consider it a successful and enjoyable experience.
Unlike several more famous and popular game bird types of hunting, going for quails will not necessitate the use of calls known to keep young hunters away from such sports. 

Quail hunting is perfect for hunters that lack patience and are always trying to find a new and adventurous activity to feed their appetite for thrill and excitement. Chasing a scared bird around the field, either with dogs or not, can be very engaging and enough of a reason to consider giving it another try providing that you fail to bring home a bird. 

However, many hunters say that their first attempts were disappointing as they expected great results right from the start, and the reality proved them wrong a hard way. Also, they say that the intense physical manner of hunting this sport entails can make even the laziest sportsman renew his gym subscription.

Quail hunting is a sport of balance and coordination as much as it is dependent on natural and developed capabilities. To consider yourself a successful quail hunter, you have to master the art of perspective view over the field, which will give you a hand when the situation asks for quick decisions while maintaining safety for yourself and other companions you may bring over. 

Also, learn to coordinate with your hounds so that you can immediately interpret their actions and collect them into small behavior patterns for later use. Balance is crucial in ballet and quail hunting, although it refers to another form of credit rather than the purely physical one.

Keeping a mental note of all the things that are happening at a particular moment, of all the positions of the hounds and fellow hunters as well as prey, can be very confusing. 
One could quickly fail to keep a clear mind in such stressful situations, in which an impressive amount of data in a short time, sometimes even a split-second. 

Concerning native skills, there’s not much to say because any hunting sport requires an inborn shooting ability as well as a sharp eye. Other skills can be developed over time, and they usually come along with experience, experience counted in hours and hours on the field with the gun in your hands.