How to Tighten Window Handles
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    • Last updated March 11, 2021
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How to Tighten Window Handles

Posted By OULAI TOM     March 11, 2021    


  Have you begun to notice when you open or shut your windows the handle is becoming a little loose? If so, don’t panic, you can quite easily fix this yourself.

  In this helpful guide, you will be able to tighten the loose uPVC window hardware manufacturer handle in a matter of minutes following our step by step instructions below.

  Your handle will have one or two screw covers. To check, pull the handle up to see if you have a screw cover on the lower section of the handle and remove it if there is one – including the top cover.

  How do you fix loose handle on uPVC window

  To tighten your window handle, remove the screw cover.

  Now you have removed the screw covers, you can continue. Tighten the exposed screws until they are firmly in place – do not overtighten them otherwise you can damage the handle.

  Re-cover the screws.

  Check to see the handle can turn easily.

  Tools you will need:


  That’s right, all you’ll probably need is a screwdriver and a window handle of course, but we’re assuming you already have one of those. If not, you can buy a new window handle here from our online shop.

  Please note: Some window designs may require someone outside the window to counter the force.

  You should now have a tight window handle.

  Do you need a new window handle? Visit our online store to find your new handle. We’re often cheaper than most and offer the same if not better quality.

  Are uPVC window handles universal?

  uPVC window handles are often called universal window handles because of in-line uPVC window handles. These are straight and will turn left or right.

  Can you replace a window handle?

  Yes, you can replace a window handle. You need to measure your existing handle to get the perfect size match.

  Where to buy window handle?

  You can buy window handles from most local DIY shops. Buy window handles online from our online store.

      As a professional door handle manufacturer,we accept all kinds of window hardware orders, welcome to consult.