How To Choose Medical Oxygen Concentrator Correctly

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How To Choose Medical Oxygen Concentrator Correctly

Posted By zhuoyue cixi     March 14, 2021    


  First record your oxygen needs in daily activities, including sleep and rest needs. A portable oxygen concentrator may not be a single solution to meet your oxygen needs. You may be able to use a portable device when you are away, but you may need a more robust oxygen solution to use it at home. For example, many portable oxygen concentrators are not approved by doctors or recommended for use during sleep. Discuss the correct solution or the solution you need with your doctor.

  Once you know your daily oxygen demand, you should have a good understanding of whether a continuous flow or pulse dose portable oxygen concentrator is the right choice for you. Now is the time to decide on the model based on the model that can provide the best oxygen delivery range for your lifestyle.

  First, consider the amount of oxygen delivered per minute. The unique thing about the continuous flow of oxygen is that it can provide the same amount of oxygen regardless of your breathing rate. Therefore, if you need 3 liters of oxygen per minute, whether you need to take 20 breaths or 10 breaths per minute, the amount of oxygen will be delivered to you in one minute. If the continuous oxygen concentrator is set to the corresponding setting, a certain amount of oxygen will be delivered every minute. . On the other hand, the pulse dose oxygen concentrator has a unique set level, which can deliver different amounts of oxygen per minute, and each manufacturer's settings can deliver different amounts of oxygen. Therefore, it is very important to understand your oxygen requirements so that you can look at each available model to find the oxygen model that suits you best.

  In addition, consider purchasing devices that can grow with oxygen demand in the future. If, over time, your lung conditions will require more oxygen, consider using a concentrator to provide more oxygen than your current needs. This may mean abandoning some of the more robust pulsed dosage units in terms of size and weight or considering the use of continuous flow concentrators.

  There is a medical oxygen concentrator on the market that can meet many lung diseases and oxygen needs. Knowing your oxygen needs will help you determine the best choice. Keep in mind that it is not recommended to use many devices during sleep, so you may need two oxygen supply systems: one for home use and one for outdoor use. Finally, consider your future oxygen needs when making a decision. You will need a concentrator with oxygen or continuous flow settings that can be increased with your needs. No matter you and your doctor decide which portable oxygen concentrator is best for you, we believe that you will love the increased mobility and freedom brought by the portable oxygen concentrator.