Ten things you must pay attention to when riding

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Ten things you must pay attention to when riding

Posted By hang yi     March 15, 2021    


Everyone often emphasizes wearing helmets and gloves during riding and observing traffic rules and riding orders.

In addition, you should also master the following ways to protect yourself.

1. Don't be impulsive when changing traffic lights. When the green turns red immediately, don't rush out, and don't rush out when the red turns green. Always pay attention to pedestrians or vehicles that suddenly rush out.

2. When turning left at an intersection, if the left-turn light and the straight-way light are both green at the same time, do not turn left with the vehicle. It is safer to walk on the crosswalk.

3. Look behind when turning or changing lanes, make sure there is no car, and overtake from the left. When changing lanes, the turning angle should not be too large, in case the car behind is caught off guard.

4. It is easy to block the line of sight in the roadway. Be careful to go slowly when turning right.

5. Do not go retrograde, and always pay attention to avoiding retrograde persons. When encountering a retrograde car, make sure which side you are going to go ahead of time with the retrograde person.

6. If there is no special situation, do not make an emergency break. Before braking, make sure that there is no one behind. Do a good job of predicting, there will be a lot less emergency braking. It is easy to drift after a sudden break, so you should practice how to break.

7. Keep a distance from the stopped car to prevent people inside from opening the door suddenly.

8. When passing the bus station, pay attention to whether there is a car ready to stop, so as to prevent being crowded inside or colliding with the pedestrian who got off the bus.

9. Be careful not to get the tires stuck in the road cracks.

10. Pay special attention to turning right downhill.

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  • carter jones
    carter jones  · October 19, 2021
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  • volvo cars
    volvo cars  · March 25, 2021
    These laws are the basis of all safety conditions when riding a bike. I would consider the ls2 ff358 for my protective head gear. It has the comfort and durability one needs to ride safely.