The Efficiency of Using the Spray Gun
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    • Last updated March 15, 2021
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The Efficiency of Using the Spray Gun

Posted By qing feng     March 15, 2021    


Compared with traditional spray paint or dyeing methods, spray guns have many advantages.

The spray effect is forgiving. Since the spray coating is built up in thin layers, small scratches and stains are not as obvious as brushed surfaces.

The spraying speed is fast. The finishing agent can be sprayed on parts of any size or shape with a brush or a rag, and the speed is much faster. In addition, the atomization of paint or stains reduces the drying time, so you can sand and repaint the project in less time. And because the finishing drying speed is faster, so less time for dust particles to settle on the finishing workpiece.

Spraying has a wide range of uses. Almost all surface treatments that can be applied with a brush or rag can be replicated with a spray gun, but not all surface treatments can be done with a brush. Certain surface treatments (such as varnishes and many water-based products) can only be sprayed. The spray gun also allows you to use special techniques, such as shading or toning, which is difficult to complete by hand.

Spraying can provide you with greater control. Compared with using a brush or a rag, using a spray gun can better control the coating speed and thickness of the paint. With an air sprayer, you can adjust the air pressure, fluid flow, and fan size to ensure uniform coating on the entire surface of the workpiece. The spray gun can also enter smaller areas or narrow corners more easily, which may be difficult to reach with a brush.

Spraying is easy. Although it may seem daunting, using a spray gun is actually not difficult to master. Generally, you can reach proficiency levels faster with a spray gun than with a brush.

Spraying provides quality and consistency. There is no doubt that one of the best reasons to invest in a spray system is due to the quality of the surface treatment. Brush or roller marks are no longer a problem. The problems of running, dripping, sagging, and trapped bubbles have been greatly reduced or even eliminated. When properly set up, used, and maintained, the sprayer system can provide smooth, high-quality, and durable surface effects in a short period of time compared to brushes.

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