Decorate your home with the best hanging photo holder

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Decorate your home with the best hanging photo holder

Posted By gerui huangyan     March 18, 2021    


  The best way to hang photos varies from room to room, but painting is an art. First, the challenge you face is how to place objects on the wall in a satisfactory way. Generally, it looks better to place larger and darker pictures at the bottom of the group. By hanging the picture on the wall in a way that has a specific color, you can encourage your eyes to move around.

  Next, you must ensure that valuable objects are installed safely. Use appropriate hardware to ensure that the hanging photo holder is firmly used. In the hardware department, you will find a variety of photo hangers, including traditional hangers, hangers, and hooks sold as "professional" photo hangers.

  1. Group pictures

  It can be difficult to piece together pictures to get the right picture in the right place. Please use paper instead. Trace the outline of each frame on a piece of paper. Cut out the shape, stick a loop of tape on the back, and try to group the pictures.

  To see what the picture group looks like, you can also place it on the floor. You will get a bird's eye view and will find it easier and faster to move when making preliminary arrangements.

  To ensure that heavy artwork and mirrors do not fall off, use the stud finder to place anchors in the wall studs to locate them. To support a particularly large object, please push the hanger into the adjacent stud.

  2. Install the screw hole and the frame line

  Screw eyes and braided threads are sold in various sizes to handle frame objects of different weights.

  To locate the eye, measure the height of the frame and mark the guide hole on the lower third of the frame. Drill a hole slightly smaller than the diameter of the threaded part of the eye. Drill carefully to avoid drilling through the frame. Twist your eyes with your hands.

  To determine the cutting line length of the picture, measure the width of the picture and add 50%. In this way, enough wire can be used to wrap both ends around the screw holes, and then on itself, while preventing the frame from falling under the hanger.

  3. How to hang pictures with wires

  To determine the exact location of the hanger, pierce the tip of a pencil where the line will pass through the paper cut hole when it is completely stretched by the weight of the picture. When you find the most suitable location for the picture, you only need to pass a framing nail through the hole, enough to mark the wall.

  The nails of the traditional hanger pass through the top and have a hook as the hanger. They can be used in both gypsum board and plaster, but the plaster may peel off.

  Hangers sold as "professional" picture hangers can also be used for plaster and plasterboard. Their nails are thin, sharp, and hard, making it unlikely that the plaster will break. The nails are removable and reusable.

  Wall anchors are large nylon screws that hold metal screws. Use a hammer to push the tip into the plaster wall; then use a standard screwdriver to screw the anchor into the wall. Screw in the metal screw and hang the picture.

  You can use hooks with hooks to hang pictures, or you can use hooks with special hooks to hang mirrors.

  If you want to hang photos with wires, please use double wires for heavy items. This also applies to large mirrors.

  In order to hang heavy photos firmly in places where stud bolts cannot be used, pass two wires between the screw holes and support each wire with a wall mount.

  Separate the two hangers at least half the width of the photo.

  4. How to hang photos without nails

  It is only recommended to hang pictures without nails on smaller and lighter frames.

  Get the approximate weight of the picture you want to suspend.

  Use tape and tool hooks designed to fit the frame size.

  Clean the wall surface with a 1:1 solution of water and alcohol.

  Remove the backing from the adhesive strip and apply it directly to the wall where you want to hang the picture.

  Remove the front liner from the strap and press the utility hook firmly on the surface. Stabilize and fix for 30 to 40 seconds.

  After fixing, hang your photo on the hook.

  Tip: If needed, consider using multiple hooks side by side to ensure you have enough support.

  Hanging photos at home is a great way to personalize your space with minimal tools and materials. Deliver everything you need for your home decoration projects directly to us. We also provide metal wine holders and other home decorations.