Tilt And Turn Windows Are Perfect For Both Small And Large Spaces

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Tilt And Turn Windows Are Perfect For Both Small And Large Spaces

Posted By OULAI TOM     March 19, 2021    


  A “house renovation” phase in your life can be an overwhelming and exhausting experience. Many homeowners think that renovation is all about hammer and nails, but it includes the more complex process.

  You need to look at nooks and crannies to understand what outcomes you’re going to achieve with different product combinations.

  #1 Environmentally friendly

  #2 Flexibility

  #3 Enhanced safety

  #4 Enhanced security

  #5 Excellent energy efficiency rating

  #6 Perfect for both small and large spaces

  #7 Customization

  For example, to soundproof your home with triple glazing, you need to understand how different thickness of glass panes affect noise reduction properties.

  When triple glazing is not appropriately treated, it can actually amplify the noise.

  Careful planning process applies to all types of renovation projects – roofing, flooring, siding and so on.

  Windows replacement is not the exception on this list.

  Over the last few years, windows sector has become inundated with countless models and types of windows.

  They offer you almost endless customization options, from materials like uPVC to timber, double and triple glazing to versatile design options like shape, colour and hardware choice.

  It’s not surprising that many people get stuck at the very beginning stage – namely, choosing the type of window.

  Tilt and Turn windows are an exceptional choice for those homeowners, who value high performance, durability and enhanced qualities like energy efficiency, security and safety.

  About tilt and turn windows

  Tilt and Turn windows are designed to offer classic and contemporary looks for both modern and traditional houses without compromising on innovative engineering.

  Tilt & Turn windows are inward opening, which means you can open them like the regular casement windows from the side or tilt from the bottom so that the top sash is angled into the room.

  This allows the windows to offer better ventilation and security.

  Add the best hardware and thermal glazing, and you’ll get an unmatched balance between durability, solar protection, soundproofing, security and energy efficiency.

  How tilt and turn windows work?

  Tilt and Turn windows can be operated in three main positions: turned, tilted and closed. Each position offers a range of benefits. Let’s look at them below.


  A fully opening aperture makes cleaning of both the inside and outside effortless and safer, taking out the need for the unnecessary risk of leaning out of the window or climbing a ladder for upstairs windows.

  This position also provides a fire escape in the event of an emergency.


  Turn the handle 180º to allow a window to tilt inwards and create an aperture of 10cm.

  Tilt position is ideal for hot summer days when you need a fresh stream of air through the room without the danger of children falling out or getting fingers trapped while playing near open windows.


  Traditional windows are prone to air and water leakage due to the lack of perimeter clip and flock locking system, and that is one of their biggest flaws.

  Tilt & Turn windows are built with nearly invisible hinges, which reinforce the air-tightness of the window, keeping your house warm and unaffected by frigid weather.

  Why do tilt and turn windows open inwards?

  Tilt and turn windows open inwards to allow flexible ventilation, cleaning and fire exit in the case of emergency.

  As a professional sliding lock supplier, we accept all kinds of window hardware orders, welcome to consult.